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Ina Klasko is pleased to speak before civic, fraternal, business organizations, and social groups on a variety of computer related topics. These range from light and amusing yet informative topics to industry specific topics designed to fill a need. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Some of our previous topics include:

Thinkin' of LinkedIn???
or Who Do I Know Who Knows Who I Need To Know?

Learn the fine details of getting started on LinkedIn, its purpose and potential to increase your marketing online.  How to create your profile (your on-line business resume), use it to increase your professional credibility, and update it for added exposure.  How to use it beyond making contact with people who may already be contacts.  Exactly who should I include in my Connections? What are groups?  How do you get recommendations from contacts?  How do you answer questions to demonstrate your expertise in your field?  How can I reach someone my contact knows? What to do and not to do?  How much personal information is still professional?  Go beyond the obvious and dig deep into the power of this profitable, new age business tool.

Cheers! Keeping Your Computer Healthy

You kick and scream. You stomp your feet. You practically howl at the moon. All to no avail. That shiny computer you bought just ten months ago is getting slower, and slower, and slower... Or is it just getting a case of computer senility? Well, fret no more! Bring your pens and paper to get the low-down on computer health. Yes, Virginia, you CAN do something to keep that baby humming. Learn some valuable tips for keeping the big, bad computer consultant out of your office and checkbook. Your very own Technology Therapist will tell you what programs to get, which ones to avoid, simple utilities to clean up dead weight, and the truth about anti-virus software. You won't want to miss the tips and hints that fall out of her head.

Dinner's Ready, Set The Computer! - A Layman's Guide To Computers

Ever wonder why children completely accept computers and operate them far more efficiently than adults? Perhaps it is just that they were born into the technology. Learn what those “mysterious” guts of your computer actually do in everyday terms. Whether you are buying a new computer or upgrading your old one, or just want to have a better grasp on the mysteries of your computer, knowing the terms used and the functions of the various components is half the battle. This entertaining presentation reduces computer technology and theory to simple, 'plain people' speak terms. If you can throw a dinner party or Thanksgiving dinner you will immediately understand your computer. Be prepared to laugh during the presentation, AND at your next holiday dinner.

Creating The Small Business Technology Plan

Today's savvy business owner knows the importance of detailed Business and Marketing Plans for the survival of their business. However, thousands of dollars are at risk by ignoring the seldom-publicized Technology Plan. A well-defined Technology Plan allows the business owner to more fully utilize available technologies to increase business or gain an edge over their competition. After accepting this fact, where do you go? What do you need? Should you call in a field expert? Should you buy more equipment or just throw away your calculator and fax machine in favor of paper and pencil and smoke signals? Learn how to evaluate your business needs, plan your equipment purchases during different phases of your business to build upon a base instead of wasting money, and integrate your Business and Marketing Plans with your own Technology Plan. USE the technologies before they abuse you.

Mail Merge Your Way To New Business With Microsoft Outlook

Mail Merge provides a valuable tool for accessing new marketing opportunities for the small business owner. Classroom style presentation teaches the use of Mail Merge with Microsoft Outlook 2000 and Word®. Attendees will learn how to painlessly merge business contacts with form letters to produce mass mailings, both snail mail and e-mail.

Powerful PowerPoint Presentations

Take your presentations out of the ho-hum and into great-one. Transcend the boring black and white overheads; put some snap into your presentations with color and templates. Hand-outs and speaker’s notes no longer have to be a mystery or scribbled on index cards. Learn the basic techniques for great presentations and explore the advanced capabilities of this member of the Microsoft Office Suite.

OK, My Audience Is Naked, Now What?
(Speaking Mechanics for Non-Speakers)

Public Speaking for the regular business owner. Regardless what business you are in, at some time or another you will probably be called upon to speak in front of a group, or conduct a meeting. Learn some pointers in creating your presentation and pitfalls to avoid for the non-professional speaker. Presentation deals more with the technical mechanics such as how to stand in front of a group, equipment, tools, outline set-up, etc.


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